Thai Global Logistics handles General and cold storage Warehousing facility and manages storage and distribution services for leading companies in the Thailand and worldwide. Further, we have customers who are international branded companies looking for importing bulk cargo to the Thailand and free-zone warehouse re-exporting within the Thailand and AEC as per market requirements.

We have a complete range of Warehousing and distribution services. Our Facilities blend modern systems and equipment with industry-best practices to lower your warehousing and distribution costs while increasing your service levels. Our unmatched experience in managing dedicated and multi-user facilities supports customers

Thai Global Logistics network of multi-client distribution centers gives you unparalleled flexibility to manage your dynamic distribution requirements. Typical agreements allow you to pay only for the space and services you need, when you need them. Our multi-Client warehouse solution enables you to control warehouse costs by sharing overhead with other clients

We can design solutions tailored to your unique needs with facilities, equipment and people dedicated to your business. This allows you to focus investments on supporting your core business. Our dedicated warehouse management solutions helps you Reduce operational costs through efficient processes and targeted use of warehouse automation and reduce inventory through better supply chain planning.

Our store Ready Shipment Solution provides fast, efficient logistics service for retailers and manufactures that require great speed for ongoing seasonal products destined for retail stores. More consumer companies are turning to Thai Global Logistics for total supply chain visibility and inventory solutions. Thai Global Logistics has the flexibility to allow rapid substitutions, in-transit reallocations, and store Ready Shipment delivery to an industry whose profitability depends on these exact abilities. These supply chain solutions reduce the cost transportation, warehousing, and distribution while maximizing responsiveness to major retailers. You achieve maximum sales opportunities, often ahead of the competition while building customer loyalty through consistent product availability over the long term. When you ship with Thai Global Logistics, you cut days from traditional distribution, maximize inventory turns, reduce carry costs per shipment and ease the risk of stock-outs. For sales product launches, we distribute time-sensitive displays and end caps and advertising materials to stores.

Warehouse Services

•Receiving Incoming Shipment
•Put Away
•Order selection (picking)
•Sorting, Grading
•Staging and consolidation
•Loading, Freight and Shipping
•Re-export, Free-zone Storage W/H
•Inventory Control System
•Value Added Service such as packing, labeling, sorting, Kitting or upon request
•Transportation Service such as Haulage, distribution center, deliver to door service

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